Warranty and Returns Policy

  • 1-year warranty for labour and spare parts, starting from the purchase date, excluding transportation costs.
  • If you encounter any problems caused by our production within 7 days of purchasing our goods, we are willing to offer a full refund or replace the product.
  • Bring your water dispenser to Sangpanya Phanich Co., Ltd. or a dealer for free repair service if it is under insurance.
  • Please present your original warranty card with no unaltered every time you need service from the provider, company, or dealer.
  • All spare parts inside the machine that have not been repaired by outsiders under normal conditions will be repaired by the company for free as per schedule, except for external equipment not under guarantee.
  • The warranty will guarantee damage to products and spare parts under proper use and damage caused by manufacturing faults only. Cleaning of condensers (coil) and the exterior of the water dispenser are not included.
  • The product warranty conditions apply only to water dispensers sold by the Company or dealers.
  • Please note that this warranty is subject to change without any prior notice.

**Additional Conditions**

The compressor comes with a 2-year warranty, but refrigerant, labour, and spare parts are not covered.

Information regarding non-warranty issues.

  • The warranty for the water dispenser does not cover damages caused by misuse, various accidents, installation problems, or modifications made by third parties.
  • Breakdowns and damages caused by lack of maintenance, pests entering the fan motor, smelling water, power fluctuations, lightning strikes, or incorrect voltage.
  • Claims for damage or missing components after the purchase date will not be accepted.
  • Any component that has been replaced, repaired or inspected by anyone other than Sangpanya Phanich Co., Ltd. or dealers.
If you have any questions, you can contact us at Company Information or call 0-2888-1552, mobile 09-6594-9979 and LINE ID: @sangpanya
To make warranty card registration easier, you can now access the registration channel through the QR code provided below.