3 Easy Ways to Fix Hot Water Dispenser Not Working!


      The most common reason found In the first installation, the hot water system does not work. In the first step, whether it is a cabinet with an inverted bottle or a plumbing connection, water must first enter the system and then plug in the electrical outlet.

Here are 3 easy ways to do it.

1. The cabinet is installed successfully. If the bottle is upside down, turn the water bottle upside down. Turn on the hot water tap, wait until the water comes out of the hot water tap, then plug in the power cord. Turn on the switch.

2. If it’s a plumbing system, do the same. Fill the system with water. If it is an RO filtration system, you need to plug it in but turn off the hot water switch first. Leave the hot water tap on. Wait until the water comes out of the hot water tap, then turn on the power switch for normal use.

3. In case of forget to follow steps 1,2 and hot water You can continue using it, but if it doesn’t work, Hot water Not working Check out the video below.


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