What are the types of water dispensers?

Most water dispensers are available on the market. Choose the type that best suits your needs, based on your budget, usage, space you have, and your lifestyle.

It can be divided into 3 main categories. as follows


Inverted bottle type

The upside-down bottle uniform is a popular choice for those looking for a hot and cold water heater that is easy and convenient to buy. Users can refill water by lifting the bottle on board and turning it upside down. Upside-down bottled water machines are often capable of cooling and heating, and many models come with built-in filtration systems to ensure water quality. It is also quite easy to clean. With a removable drip tray and easy cleaning of the exterior of the unit. This depends on the model and brand of the machine. Although they are generally more affordable than the bottle ones below. But the upside-down bottle is still worth it. For those looking for a hot and cold water dispenser at a low price but providing clean and safe drinking water.

Advantage: Affordable price Easy to clean It is easy to buy in the general market and there are many models to choose from.

Weakness: It takes force to lift a water bottle full of water. It can cause harm while lifting a water bottle. The water bottle should be replaced by an expert person.



Bottom bottle model

This type of machine has a water tank located at the bottom of the machine. This makes it easy to refill water without lifting heavy water bottles. The transparent front cover allows users to see the water level. While the compact design is suitable for those with limited space. The bottom bottle uniform usually has cooling and heating capabilities, as well as a built-in filtration system and a removable drip tray for easy cleaning. For those who are looking for a clean and convenient drinking water machine.

Advantage:  Easy to add water No need to raise the water bottle to change the top. Easy to clean It is convenient to visualize the amount of water contained in the bottle. Available in many designs, and many models, saving installation space.

Weakness: More expensive than the upside-down bottle type.



Table or counter

Tabletop drinking water is another option for people looking for a water dispenser that is small, compact and convenient to use. This type of machine is placed on a countertop or table, which is suitable for limited spaces. The unit often has cooling and heating capabilities, and some models come with a built-in filtration system to ensure water quality. In addition, it is quite easy to maintain. With a removable drip tray, easy to clean.

Advantage: It takes up little space, is suitable for those who have limited space, affordable price.

Disadvantages: Due to the small size of the machine, it can handle a small amount of water. Therefore, water must be refilled or changed frequently.

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