7 things you should know before buying a water dispenser

Water dispensers are considered one of the necessities of Thai people’s lives. Whether it is in households, offices, government offices such as schools, parks, or even in dormitories, residences, and buildings, because it can filter water to be clean, safe, not harmful to health, and can adjust the water temperature, make it cold or hot water for us immediately. And need clean drinking water at the same time. However, before deciding to buy a water cooler. Consider the size and design, it should be chosen to match your décor. Whether it’s energy efficient or not to help reduce your costs. There are also other important factors to consider to ensure that you get the best product. Meets your needs Details are as follows:

1. Choose the right type :

There are 3 main types: bottle type upside down top, bottle type below, and table or counter type The lower bottle dispenser has a water tank at the bottom of the cabinet and you can see the water level from the front. It has limited capacity and requires frequent top-ups. Determining which type of water dispenser is best for you should also consider the space you have, how often you refill it, and your personal lifestyle preferences.

2. See the amount of water capacity:

The water capacity ranges from about 4 to 20 litres, considering the amount of water you and your family drink each day and choosing a water dispenser with sufficient capacity to meet your needs. If you have a large family or an office with a lot of employees, choose a larger capacity of water as appropriate.

3. Refrigeration and heating capacity:

Some water dispensers have the ability to provide both hot and cold water. While some cabinets only provide cold water. If you like to brew or drink hot drinks such as tea and coffee, a water dispenser with the ability to heat it is also a good option. But if you only need cold water, there is no need to buy a water heater to save money and be more cost-effective.

4. Price and features:

Water dispensers cost from thousands to tens of thousands, so consider your budget and the features you need, such as child-safe hot water dispensers, night lights, or energy-saving modes.

5. Power Source:

Water dispensers are both electric and manual, the water dispenser that needs electricity should be located near the outlet, should consider which type of cabinet is suitable for you, considering the need and energy efficiency, how much electricity is used or saved, and should choose a water dispenser that meets TIS standards. For the safety of you and all users.

6. After-sales customer service:

Choose a brand or store that is trustworthy with good customer service. Do you have a warranty period? Do your research on that brand or store and read reviews or reviews to make sure that those stores Have a good track record of producing quality products and providing good customer service. In case you have any problems with the device and the unit. Most importantly, those shops must have a team to serve their customers and have easy and quick access to after-sales service.

7. Maintenance:

The requirements and duration of maintenance of the cabinet and filter body should be considered, such as cleaning and replacing the filter. Some dispensers have a built-in filtration system that removes impurities from the water, while others do not. If you are concerned about the quality of tap water, choose a water dispenser with a filtration system. The frequency of cleaning and replacing the filter varies depending on the type of dispenser and water source. Make sure you know the maintenance requirements before you buy.

In conclusion, A water dispenser is essential to have for families and offices, so before making a purchase, consider the type you need. Water Capacity Cooling and heating capacity Power source, price and features, brand or store, customer service, and maintenance requirements include:

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