Water dispenser bottle upside down water leak

Currently, manufacturers have introduced new innovations for water dispensers, including robots that produce electric cold water bottles to speed up operations. Most water bottles are now moulded to ensure they don’t leak.

However, in most instances, leaks occur due to the fault of small holes in water bottles.”.

What is the fault of small holes in water bottles?

The cause of leaky water bottles is often small, unnoticeable holes resulting from deterioration due to frequent use, especially for customers who purchase water from companies and regularly reuse water bottles.

So how does a water dispenser leak?

The operation of the water dispensers Inverted bottle type is to use the air pressure inside the bottle. The water level in the bottle gradually decreases and flows down the inside of the cabinet. Sometimes it can be seen from where the water bottle is located. There’s water stains on it. If so, avoid using that water bottle.

How to check if a “water bottle” or “water can is leaking” Here’s how to check:

1. Remove the water bottle that is upside down. If it has recently leaked, dry the cabinet in the sun to dry the foam inside, or leave it for a few hours and then do the test.

2. After the first step, pour water into a can and mark the water level.

3. Leave the water bottle in place for 1-2 hours to check the water level. If the level has decreased, replace the bottle with a new one.

4. Also, check the faucet from another angle. If replacing the faucet, ensure water cannot flow back into the cabinet.

5. In case you follow all the instructions but still find a leak, send it to the service centre for a thorough check.

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